2nd module

2nd module

1st level course

The course is divided into 8 lessons dedicated to the most significant raw charcuterie products. Lessons can be combined in two full weekends.

The main quality descriptors are taken into consideration for each product. Under the guidance of an expert Maesro Assaggiatore, the tasting session will be conducted with the support of the ONAS approved forms, that can be found in the ONAS App.

1st lesson

  • Sensory analysis insights: anatomy of the sense organs. The taste. Panel: judges selection and training. The panel leader. UNI and ISO standards. Statistical data processing.

2nd lesson

  • Italian prosciutto: history, technology and sensory analysis.
  • Tasting: PDO and PGI prosciutto.

3rd lesson

  • PDO Culatello di Zibello and PGI speck: history, technology and sensory analysis.
  • Tasting: PGI speck.

4th lesson

  • PGI bresaola and non-pork cured meat: history, technology and sensory analysis.

5th lesson

  • Lard, capocollo and pancetta: history, technology and sensory analysis. PDO Valle d’Aosta Lard d’Arnad and PGI Lardo di Colonnata. PDO Coppa piacentina, PGI Coppa di Parma.
  • Tasting: pancetta, pork cup and bresaola.

6th lesson

  • Raw salami, technological notions of processing, drying, seasoning. The sensory characteristics of raw salami.
  • Tasting: raw salami.

7th lesson

  • South Italy’s cured meat: PDOs in Calabria: sausage, head cheese, capocollo, pancetta.
  • Tasting: PDO sausage, PDO headcheese.

8th lesson

  • Spreadable cured meat. PGI ciauscolo and Nduja: tradition, technology and sensorial characteristics.
  • Tasting: Nduja di Spilinga.


Passing the exam will give access to the 3rd module.