3rd module

3rd module

1st level course

The course is divided into 8 lessons dedicated to the most significant cooked cold cuts.

1st lesson
  • Sensory analysis insights: the sense of odour, classification, intensity.

2nd lesson

  • Spices used in cured meat production, origin and characteristics.

3rd lesson

  • Cooked ham: production cycle and sensorial characteristics. High quality products.

4th lesson

  • PGI mortadella Bologna: processing and sensory analysis.

5th lesson

  • Frankfurter of pure pork and alternative meats.

6th lesson

  • PGI cotechini e trotters: processing and sensory analysis.

7th lesson

  • Other cooked Italian specialties: PGI cooked goose salami of Mortara, cooked Piedmontese salami, galantine, cuttlefish head, goat salami: processing and tasting.

8th lesson

  • The combinations of cured meats, wines, fruit, honeys.

Lessons can be merged into 2 full time weekends.

Passing the exam will give access to the 3rd module. to the 2nd level course, for Master Assayer.