ONAS International

National Organization Cured Meat Tasters

ONAS was established in 1999 when the association was registered in the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Artisanship of Cuneo (Piemonte region), receiving legal recognition in 2009.

It is a non-profit association that provides its members with specific skills in sensory analysis. Using his/her human senses, a trained ONAS taster is able to objectively evaluate a cured meat product, thus promoting its knowledge, culture and territory to which it belongs.

ONAS is structured in territorial delegations that organise periodical tasting sessions reserved for its members.

To become ONAS member you must attend two-level courses.

The 1st level is divided in 3 separated modules with an exam at the end of each giving access to the following module. At the end of the first module the member will receive the title of Tecnico Assaggiatore (Technical Taster).

Once these steps are concluded, the candidate can attend a 2nd level course, that will assign the title of Maestro Assaggiatore (Master Taster).

As part of the training process, ONAS organises refreshment courses, conferences and lectures in order to both improve the capability and knowledge of its members and to promote different Italian traditions.

1st level course 1st module
The course is divided into 5 lessons dedicated to the most significant charcuterie products…
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1st level course 2nd module
The course is divided into 8 lessons dedicated to the most significant raw charcuterie…
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1st level course 3rd module
The course is divided into 8 lessons dedicated to the most significant cooked cold cuts…
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2nd level course Maestro Assaggiatore
The program includes 8 lessons and an equal number of tasting sessions. The title …
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Magazine, lecture notes and books

Teaching and informative material

  • ONAS Review
    an online technical-scientific quarterly reserved to ONAS Members, that periodically reports articles on history, technology and sensorial analysis of the Italian cured meats
  • Lecture notes 1st-2nd-3rd module and Maestri Assaggiatori (online)
  • Book - 1st module
    Assaggiare per conoscere - L’assaggiatore
  • Book  - 2nd module
    Assaggiare per conoscere - I salumi crudi
  • Book - 3rd module
    Assaggiare per conoscere - I salumi cotti

ONAS, Taste to know

There is no man who does not know how to drink or eat, but few can understand what it tastes like
Confucio (479 a.C.)

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